It is time to prepare for a Wild winter as years-in-the-making musical prodigy, Ryan Peimer (31), finally releases his first single off his forthcoming album, Enlightened, ready to rock the charts.


And once Wild hits the airwaves, Ryan is likely to get exactly what he wants as he explains the inspiration behind the song: “I wanted to create an upbeat, feel-good song that immediately uplifts people’s spirits, gets them to bop and sing along in the car or elsewhere – and dance like nobody’s watching.”


He further expands upon the message behind the song: “I think a lot of people are very reserved and in essence hiding or withholding their desire to let loose and embrace their true selves, merely due to society’s reserved norms and expectations. So with Wild, I hope that people will come out of their shells and express themselves without any fear of judgment – my message is clear: just let yourself be!”


Describing his style of music as “out of the box” pop, Ryan enthuses: “I feel like there is a monotonous pattern derived from what is assumed to be a ‘winning formula’ within today’s pop music industry. I want to break this mould and bring out a new sound that is currently absent from the local and international market; something that will stand out and challenge the sounds of the current pop music market.” And after listening to Wild, it certainly appears as if Ryan has hit the bullseye.


Prior to making his full album (Enlightened) available at the beginning of 2019, Ryan says that he will first be releasing an additional two singles after Wild has left its mark on the charts.


This SAMA Award-winner is far more than just your average singer


Ryan has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is today and he already has a SAMA Award under his belt for directing and producing the music video, It’s Magic, by The Parlotones. Furthermore does he not only own a multiple award-winning film production company, Flash Forward Productions, but he is also a renowned public speaker.


Flash Forward, now celebrating its 17th year of success, was the proud producer of the South African Comic’s Choice Awards and has produced content for international broadcasters such as MultiChoice, M-Net, Comedy Central and Fashion One, with over 100 million viewers globally. The production house is currently in development of its first action drama TV series.


As a professional speaker, Ryan has been transforming lives within the realm of self development for over 7 years.


Getting to know Ryan with his uncompromising determination


Ryan describes himself as strong, independent, successful and fortunate to have discovered his life talents and life purpose from a very young age. He adds that he has an unwavering persistence, undoubted belief in himself and an uncompromising determination to succeed in the music industry.


“I believe it is our birthright to be, do and have whatever our heart desires,” he says as he philosophies about life. He adds: “I believe with every atom of our being that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create our reality. I’m a strong believer in expressing authenticity, daily gratitude and constantly giving unconditional love to everyone.”


Ryan says that his musical influences range from Ed Sheeran to Sam Smith, Bruno Mars and Shawn Mendes, adding: “However, I have always had a love for 80s music as I believe that some of the best songs were written during this time period.”


Currently single, Ryan is determined to find “the one” before settling down with just any partner. “I’m happily single, yet open to a soulmate relationship. I’m crystal clear in what I want in a woman and therefore will never compromise and just be with someone for the sake of being in a relationship,” he points out.


Other interesting facts about Ryan include that he is a mentalist (as a hobby), he has a phobia of fish, has a passion for self development and claims that “there is no one who can make a better braai than me!”.


In his free time he loves going out with friends – whether it be for drinks at a bar or enjoying brunches and dinners with them. Ryan is a nature enthusiast and loves frequent getaways to take some time out and reflect on life.


Confidence is something that never came naturally to Ryan. He explains: “It has taken a lot of conscious self-development work to increase my self-esteem, sense of worthiness and overall confidence. I think it has also stemmed from being able to fearlessly perform and speak in front of large audiences.”


With an inherent musical family, Ryan was born to be a star


It is no wonder Ryan started to sing at age four with his inherent musical family. His grandmother was a South African accordion champion and well-acclaimed professional pianist. “She used to entertain the army troops and later conceived, wrote and produced all the music for multiple musical productions that were hits across the country,” says Ryan. His mother also caught the musical bug and studied music, which later escalated into dancing. She has been a successful choreographer, dance teacher, global examiner and adjudicator for over 35 years.


Ryan was born (1 Nov 1986) and raised in Johannesburg and has one sibling  – a brother Daniel (28) who is a guitarist only by hobby.


“Although I used to sing from a very early age, I only started taking it seriously after entertaining my first competition at age 14 and winning it – after that I started going for vocal couching,” adds Ryan.


Since then Ryan has entered several competitions and has proven himself as a sturdy competitor, winning 90% of those he entered. He was also cast as a lead vocalist in the musical production, Hit You With The Real Thing, which toured in May 2010.


Ryan’s bright future awaits


Ryan says that they are currently planning a music video for Wild. “The concept will be very different to what anyone will expect. The associative connotation that a video for a song like Wild should be shot in a club is an absolute no. Hopefully it will be completed in the next month or so, but know that you can expect something completely different once again” he states.


About his upcoming album, Enlightened, Ryan shares: “Over the last 17 years, I’ve studied science of mind, the law of attraction, metaphysics, relationships and the energy world. I have always believed in seeking truth of reality, finding my unique purpose and becoming the best possible version of myself. The title of my album is derived from an array of lessons that I’ve learnt over the years regarding past relationships, my unique calling and certain imbedded messages I want to communicate through the medium of music in order to inspire people to overcome heartbreak, leave relationships that aren’t serving them and focus on constantly improving themselves.”


Ryan concludes: “My dream is to travel the world, performing on stages in front of tens of thousands of people. I also envision one of my singles hitting the top 10 both on the US and UK charts soon.”


The combination between his unwavering determination, his innate songwriting abilities, his mind-blowing vocals, his uncompromising pursuit of international recognition, as well as unstoppable talent, is testimony to the fact that this up and coming star is undoubtedly on his way to becoming a global icon.


Wild is available now on all digital stores, including iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify, amongst others.


For more of Ryan Peimer, connect with him on social media – Facebook (RyanPeimerSA), Twitter (@RyanPeimer) and Instagram (@RyanPeimer).