‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ – a saying many would argue is sentimental, a cliché and overrated. Some would even go as far as to say that it is a good thing to lose something, because it was never yours to have and you can now move on to the next best thing. So what would happen if we lost all of our water resources? Nothing else can take the place of humankind’s most precious source for life to prevail.


Local citizens living in the Western and Northern Cape for the past two years realized just how dependent we are on water. Angst took over communities in the Matzikama district as well as the rest of the country when water resources suddenly dried out and the hope for rain showers filled the subconscious mind rather than the Olifants River and Bulshoek Dam. That is why the Matzikama Municipality approached Joetsie Group’s Civil Engineering Division to construct a new 1 megalitre sectional steel tank reservoir in Bitterfontein in the Western Cape.


As part of contractual negotiations, the Joetsie Group was inspired to use 7 individuals from the Bitterfontein region as artisans and labourers for the project. Experienced Joetsie site agent Johan Mostert, along with resident Joetsie operators took these locals under their wing to sharpen their skill set and knowledge, whilst managing and supervising daily operations with accuracy and diligence.


The project was administered by Joetsie’s qualified and experienced project manager for all civil engineering projects, Mr Frikkie De Bod. His meticulous planning along with Mostert’s managerial skills on site made the project run as smooth as possible. Joetsie’s civil engineering team called upon their own earthmoving sector to perform all the earthworks.


Excavation from up to 2.5 meters was done with ease due to the proficiency of the operators and equipment alike. A sub-contractor Abeco Tanks (Pty) Ltd (ABECO) was approached to collaborate with the Joetsie team. Joetsie stabilized the 18 plinths for the pedestal and ABECO installed the steel water tank. The project started in February 2018 and was completed in July, with additional pedestal adjustments finalised in August 2018.


The reservoir is now set in place and on standby for water storage. If water shortages and drought would become a threat to the communities of Bitterfontein and neighbouring rural towns, Nuwerus and Rietpoort, the reservoir would make procurement of an essential amount of freshwater possible to the locals.


The Joetsie Group are a firm believer in good planning and being one step ahead in all their different divisions. Their versatility within the industry to perform, create and empower is a dynamic that constantly generates momentum to succeed in their transport services, building-,  mining and earthmoving – and civil engineering projects. The Joetsie group refuse to lose in any challenge on their paved path of perfection – Joetsie. Our game, our pride.


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