With a winning streak in her, including winning Season 2 of MasterChef South Africa, followed by her travel TV show ‘Girl Eat World’, Kamini Pather (35) seems to know instinctively how to maximise every opportunity that life throws at her. And she is about to take things to a whole new level as an entrepreneur.
FÜDY is the exciting new food-delivery service developed and pioneered by Pather. The offering is the ideal solution for everyone that would like to follow a similar healthy, macro-nutrient diet as well, but enjoy it as if it was served out of Kamini’s kitchen itself. A variety of choices of flavours will be available to choose from for each food category – themed from char-grilled Mediterranean choices to exotic styles one would find in some of the top rated restaurants.
The signature dishes include:
  •              The Satay – a turmeric root and lemongrassed infused coconut milk satay sauce with zoodles, charred snap peas and brussel sprouts with roasted peanuts.
  •              The Curry Box – a tomato based curry sauce blended with cold coconut oil and let masala with wild rice with brown lentils, chickpeas, brinjal and toasted coconut shards
  •              The Alfredo –  cashew nut cream, portobello mushroom, fresh thyme and roasted garlic Alfredo sauce with nutty couscous, butternut, wilted spinach and a free range chicken breast.
  •              Mushy Peas – garden peas blended into a cold sauce with avocado and mint, served with sweet potato, green beans and beetroot with sustainably sourced trout and sesame seeds.
  •              Pomodorro Plus – roasted tomato and garlic sauce with cauliflower rice, charred cucumber, broccoli and crispy non-GMO tofu.
    She explains: “In the past, food was all about entertainment. And of course it will still play a big part as such. However, people are becoming more healthy and fit, and realise that food is fuel for the body, which helps them achieve their goals. I myself started following a macro-nutrient diet. It divides your plate up into carbs, fats and proteins – the carbs are all from fruits and vegetables and low GIs; the fats are all from vegetables too like the good fats you get from avocados; and protein stems either from plants or animals. These are all non-processed foods that contains no harmful chemicals – it is all natural and from Mother Nature herself.”
    Kamini says that she will always be grateful for the opportunities that winning MasterChef SA presented her, followed by ‘Girl Eat World’. “However, I’ve grown up a lot since then. The entertainment world can become all about ‘what heels are you wearing’ or ‘who made your dress’, and that simply doesn’t give me purpose in life anymore. I want to play a role in improving people’s lives, making them better people. And that is why FÜDY  is so important to me – it will enable everyone to live healthier, happier and ultimately more successful lives. FÜDY takes the brainwork out of eating healthy,” she adds.
    Together with her business partners, Kamini has spent months perfecting each dish, ensuring wholesome, but utterly delicious results. And all it will take is selecting your choices off an extensive menu and your healthy meal of the day is sorted and delivered to your door! And with Kamini’s name and talents behind it, one can rest assured that it will be so good that you can serve it at your next dinner party.
    Initially launching through Uber Eats from 1 November 2018, FÜDY ghost kitchens will soon be popping up all over South Africa, which means that the meals ordered will be freshly made and prepared specifically as per the order. The pilot ghost kitchen for FÜDY has just launched in Cape Town, but a roll-out to other regions will soon follow suit.
    Kamini accurately states that people have become immediate-gratifying human beings, and do not want to pre-order healthy food parcels that might only be delivered a week later. FÜDY satisfies this need for healthy food-on-demand.
    In true Kamini style, FÜDY is also taking it a step or two further. The beautifully designed bowls that food are delivered in are all fully recyclable. Food used is all consciously sourced from local farming communities. This supports the producers in each area that specialise in ensuring that healthy food is made available for every individual.
    “That’s how I eat, and like me, I know there are many people who care where there food is from. The ethos of “you are what you eat” is so true,” she says.
    Born and raised in Durban, Kamini lived there until age 26, where she obtained a degree in marketing management and worked in events planning, marketing and PR functions for a popular nightclub”.
    “My father is a gynaecologist, my mother a psychologist and my brother an actuary, so yes, I was kind of the odd one out. They’re still not entirely sure what I do,” she chuckles.
    After Durban, Kamini then joined Red and Yellow in Cape Town where she studied Copywriting, followed by becoming a blogger, a presenter on 2Oceansvibe Radio, and freelance journalist. From there, MasterChef SA was a natural progression as she continued to meet all the food personalities in the Mother City.
    “I am business-savvy – and I’m ready to take on the business world full steam ahead. And I’m determined that nothing will stop me to reach my goals. The extension plan for FÜDY is to establish 30 pods of these ghost kitchens nationwide and eventually take it internationally. And once I’ve achieved that, the next entrepreneurial goal will follow,” Kamini concludes.
    All FÜDY recipes were and will continue to be developed by Kamini herself.
    Kamini is heavily invested in looking after the environment and implementing a green approach with her business.
    Her aim is to consciously reduce plastic waste and reduce the packaging footprint as best as possible. The food containers are made from compressed bagasse/sugarcane waste:
    • Bagasse is a waste material from the sugar industry.
    • Bagasse is annually renewable.
    • It’s certified GM-free.
    • Bagasse is a tree-free paper.
    • It is home compostable and will biodegrade into natural materials if exposed to bacteria, moisture and heat.
    • Bagasse products are recyclable with other paper products as long as they have not absorbed any grease from food.
    If the customer chooses cutlery they will receive the a CPLA cutlery: CPLA is a combination of PLA, chalk and other biodegradable additives and can withstand temperatures of up to 95°C without deforming. It is opaque in colour. this is compostable by being ground up and processed using proper composting methods.
    Learn more about FÜDY by following @FudyDelivery on Instagram and visit fudydelivery.co.za