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Saturday / December 7.
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Afrikaans is Groot’s position around the recent social media debacle

It appears that the whole debacle has been orchestrated as part of an election campaign. No sponsor, among which MTN, has officially advised AiG that they are retracting as sponsors.

Afrikaans is Groot remains a music and entertainment platform that gives artists the opportunity to showcase their talent. Our only objective is music and entertainment for the Afrikaans community, something that all cultures surely deserves. This platform was primarily created for the faithful fans of Afrikaans music, the public.

The platform also provides inclusive job opportunities for artists, musicians, technicians and around 300 staff members of all races and demographics.

“For us, observing how concertgoers enjoy themselves every night with entertainment that touches their hearts, it will be extremely sad if this group of troublemakers should negatively influence the future of this much-loved and established platform,” says Arnold Coleske, executive producer of Afrikaans is Groot.

The position of Afrikaans is Groot therefore remains unchanged until further notice. We look forward to the rest of the performances in Cape Town as well as all of the upcoming concerts in Pretoria of which 100 000 tickets have already been sold.

Thank you to our beloved supporters, partners and loyal sponsors who keep the flagship of Afrikaans music on the waters. We promise to never let anyone down.