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Monday / June 1.
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Alex Badelt’s successes leading to many more

Alex Badelt is a young and thriving athlete, photographer and entrepreneur. He has had many successful business ventures, like Trinity Athletics, content creation, training and nutrition, and Amped collaboration, and he has an even brighter future ahead.

Ydah Bester from Sterre asked him some questions and this is what he had to say.

Have you always been passionate about training? When did it turn into a career for you?

“I started training in grade 9 because of my dream, at that time, to pursue a professional golfing career in America. I started training to gain strength as well as to become physically more well-built so that I could compete at high levels overseas. After 6 months of training I started to fall more and more in love with the actual process; how my body was constantly changing, the consistency needed and the effort required to place yourself under stress to change both physically and mentally. During my first few years of training, people often came to me for guidance regarding training, supplements and advice that could help them improve physically. After school I completed a nutrition course focusing on both weight loss and sports performance.”

You recently launched your own training, nutrition and personalised packages. Tell us more about this. What inspired you to launch these packages?

“I started implementing all the knowledge I acquired during my 4 years of experimenting with training and nutrition and started compiling free programmes for people that were motivated to make a change. I gained future clients and established relationships with them through the free programmes. In 2017 I set up my personal training and nutrition consultancy business and charged what I deemed my service was worth to many.”

There are a lot of aspects to your business and what you do. Can you us more about Trinity Athletics, your content creation, training and nutrition and Amped collaboration?

“The year of 2017 yielded another opportunity for me – fitness apparel. In April of 2017 I founded Trinity Athletics, an athleisure wear brand, with the aim to create products of the highest calibre, focusing on the latest trends and creating products that are comfortable and highly appealing both in and out of the fitness scene. Through this company I learnt many things both in terms of business, marketing and customer service. This is when my creative passions started to appear. I was constantly shooting the latest product drops, creating cinematic videos for the items and showcasing what Trinity Athletics stood for resulted. I realised that I have a passion for photography and content creation. In 2018 I started collaborating with many companies and individuals, once again building up a client base in this field. In 2019 I collaborated and worked with companies such as Nebbia South Africa, Amped Sport, Occlusion Bandz, Katmandu Ballito Restaurant and many well-known individuals in and around Cape Town whilst still creating content for my personal pages as well as Trinity Athletics.”

It is obvious that you are a young and thriving entrepreneur with a very bright future. What is next for you? What is the next step to take things up another level?

“I am currently working on a few more projects which I unfortunately cannot reveal just yet. I am looking to travel to more places this year and film different aspects in the world of videography. I want to make my mark as a content creator through showcasing some amazing products by Trinity Athletics and Occlusion Bandz as well as completing my Sports Science Degree and growing in as many ways as I possibly can.”