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Thursday / June 4.
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Business entrepreneur, Benjamin Bense, owns his own company at the mere age of 15!

Benjamin Bense is an aspiring 15-year-old entrepreneur. He always knew that he wanted to make it big in business and as an influencer, and decided to start doing something about it, even at such a young age. He hopes to one day inspire his followers to also chase after their dreams.

Jeanne-Mari van Eeden from Sterre talked to him about his business goals.


Tell me more about yourself?

“My name is Benjamin Bense I am 15 years old and I highly believe in the future of society will be determined by social media. I am currently in Mauritius, but I live in Cape Town, South Africa.”

When did you decide that you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

“From a young age I always had ideas and goals that I wanted to accomplish. I remember wanting to be famous since I was 4, but as a teenager I realised that me and my fellow peers have so many amazing ideas and things we want to do. The best way to learn to do these things, is by getting started.”

Who/what inspired you?

“I was inspired by what social media can do if used correctly. I looked at social media marketing and I highly believe it is one of the best ways to make a company well-known.”

How do you manage work and school at such a young age?

“I’m always leveling up to what’s important, this way I do not procrastinate. When it comes to dealing with the unknown, like problems in business, I’m not crippled by what I do not know, but I try and learn from it instead. I always try to maintain my motivation by loving what I do. I have learnt to stop judging myself. Judging yourself is a huge vulnerability and a waste of time as everyone is already doing it for you.”

Where did the name MTD originate from?

“When starting up at first, the company I wanted to have was a company that would make the difference in society, I simplified it down to 3 letters – MTD, that stands for make the difference.”

What type of content do you like to create?

“I love creating motivational content, as well as my journey as a 15-year-old entrepreneur, as I truly believe the strongest form of content creation is documentation. What I mean by that is documenting reality as people are drawn to that.”

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

“Whenever I have an idea or plan, I’m going straight for it. I’m doing it no matter what! Whether I fail or succeed, is not the point. This year, I want to try everything.”

Facebook – ben.bense.188

Instagram – benjaminbense