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Sunday / February 16.


“Go big or go home” has never rang more true for a South African artist than it does for singer André Venter, who has joined forces with two multi award-nominated and bestselling international stars from the USA and Canada to form the new super-group, the global man band, reBORN.

Not only were local audiences the first to get a taste of reBORN’s debut radio single, Invade,  but the group is back with a brand new single, entitled Long Road, which was once again penned by the talented men themselves, including Venter (formerly of the group Romanz and a solo artist in his own right), Ben Utecht (Dove nominated artist and NFL Super Bowl Champion) and Mark Masri (Grammy nominated artist).

As Venter recently revealed, they are three men from three nations with three different stories that now form the one voice of reBORN; a name that has significant meaning for the group – ranging from the birth of this new path in all three their careers on one side of the spectrum, right through to the spiritual significance of evaluating what truly matters in life and what impact the group can have by using their talents to leave a legacy behind of one that brought about positive change on a global scale.

To put things into perspective, Masri has competed in recent years against the likes of artists such as Céline Dion and Sarah McLahlan for Contemporary Album of the Year at the Juno Awards (the Canadian “Grammy Awards”), while Utecht is also a world renowned speaker and author over and above his successful singing career that followed his magnificent Super Bowl sporting achievements.

And to top this all, reBORN is mentored by none other than six time Grammy Awards winner Bill Gaither of the Gaither Vocal Band (also nominated for a staggering 19 Grammy Awards) –  one of the most successful singer/songwriters in American history, with a career that stretches over several decades.

Commenting on ReBORN, Gaither says: “These are the kind of men and voices that when brought together can start a revival and speak to the heart of a nation!”

reBORN ready for the “Long Road” ahead as they release second single

Commenting on reBORN’s second radio single, Long Road, which the group recorded in Nashville with top producer Riley Friesen, Venter comments: “Personally for me, Long Road is one of the most beautiful compositions I’ve had the privilege of working on during my career. My wife’s response when I played it for her the first time was that it was the most stunning song she’s ever heard me on.

“The message behind Long Road is actually a very simple one. Sometimes in our lives it feels like we’re stuck in a storm and it just doesn’t want to end; the wind keeps blowing at full force, the path ahead takes unexpected turns and it just feels like you’ll never be able to get out of it. But no matter how long that road, it has to end somewhere and it does. So just keep on walking – one step at a time, until you reach the end, or even crawl if you have to.

“Sometimes it’s a necessary process and the path that we need to walk to eventually end up exactly where we’re meant to be. And that is so very true for reBORN. Just look at the long roads all three of us had to walk individually with our careers until our paths finally crossed. And no matter what we had to go through in the past, it was all so worth it.”  

The sound and mandate of reBORN

Venter says that he is delighted to finally “let the cat out of the bag” by being able to talk about reBORN – a project that was started over a year ago. “It feels so good to talk about something that I’ve been so incredibly excited about! We call ourselves a ‘man band’, not to reference a grownup boyband, but a group with a mandate made up of strong, real men delivering songs with a purpose.

“The group exists to make world-class music for sure, but more importantly, to mobilise a movement that brings the message of authentic identity, significance, and purpose to a culture that’s aching for relevance,” he enthuses.

Venter further adds that ReBORN has a sound that penetrates the soul with cinematic-pop foundations combined with Top 40 production, giving their music undeniable originality. “However, what truly sets us apart and makes us special is the fusion of our voices. From towering moments – that will literally pick you up and inspire you to live better – to tender phrases and gentler moments – that will draw tears of pain, hope and sincerity – reBORN’s sound redefines the modern male group through originality, messaging and harmony. We truly believe that audiences will agree with some of the big names in the music industry who are completely blown away by the material we’ve recorded thus far,” he says.

The birth of reBORN – the union of three men from three nations

Masri recalls how it all started: “My phone rang right before one of my concerts during May last year, yet something inside compelled me to answer although I was about to go on stage. It was Ben. He said to me that he couldn’t explain it, but it felt like he was supposed to ask me whether I would ever consider creating the next great male singing group.

“It felt like someone had just thrown a bucket of ice water over me as unbeknownst to Ben this was the very question I’ve been asking myself, waiting for some sort of sign!”

Masri had someone on his heart for this for some time too, even though they were separated by an ocean, and as soon as he could, Masri called Venter to ask him the same question.

Venter adds: “Now that was one phone call that I answered with so much joy as I’ve been praying for this exact kind of opportunity. Of course it was a massive ‘yes’! That following August, the three of us journeyed to Nashville and met in person for the first time to explore our idea.”

As Utecht says, from the moment the three men stepped into the recording studio to write and sing, they immediately discovered a vocal and spiritual connection that would change their lives forever. “That experience just solidified the vision for what was becoming a radical new sound. reBORN emerged and our trajectories would be indelibly impacted,” he states.

Not long after, reBORN shared the stage together for the first time in front of 10,000 people in Toronto, bringing them to their feet with their performance of the inspiring Instrument of Peace: The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

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