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Thursday / June 4.
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Ian Young, the natural born entertainer and performer

“I’ve always had a passion for performing and entertaining people, but knew that I’d have to gain the skills to entertain,” says the 27-year old Ian Young, who is a natural born entertainer and performer with a love of making people laugh.

With amazing stunts like running along skyscraper walls and doing breathtaking flips for various shows, this performer will amaze you with his talent.

Rozaria Klaase from talked to him and came across many interesting things.

As a comedian, MC and being part of the circus, where and when did you discover your passion and love for being on stage?

After studying performing arts, it helped me figure out what kind of performer I wanted to be. I did my first performance at the CIRK circus and when you get your first applause, the feeling is indescribable, it becomes addictive and you want more. Performing at the CIRK circus made me realise my passion and love for being on stage.

Who was your inspiration to start your career as a comedian, MC and being part of the circus?

I watched Barry Hilton live and as I was watching in awe as this man was acting silly and imitating animals, I saw the way people laughed at him and that’s when I knew what I should do. From that day I studied the art of stand up comedy, which to me is one of the most amazing and difficult art forms. You never stop learning different ways to make people laugh.

I started training for the circus and after a year my body became more flexible. I was able to do things I had never done before and I couldn’t possibly think I would ever do the splits and backflips.

What does your typical week look like?

At 07:00 from Monday to Thursday our team starts with classes. The first class is a stretch class, then ballet, followed by acrobatic class then handstand. We have a two-hour break then we rehearse for upcoming shows and practice our individual acts. I go to the comedy clubs or a comedy event straight from training at night. There is usually one every night, either for performing or just watching.

Being in this industry and with the new generation of social media, you have to understand the latest trends in performing arts so you know what is new and the way audiences will react.

In March this year you also performed as a background dancer for some artists at the Afrikaans is Groot concerts at the Grandwest Casino in Cape Town. Could you please tell us about what that felt like?

Afrikaans is Groot is such an amazing concert and to be a part of it was an amazing experience. I did a lot of stunts like flying through the air and repelling, which is always fun to do. The producers are amazing and it’s a pleasure to work for Afrikaans is Groot. The singers are so inspiring and down to earth and I got the chance to chill with them. They also gave some advice on stretching before a show and they helped me with my singing.

Before you perform in front of a crowd, what do you do to calm your nerves?

Stretching before a show is crucial as well as a team talk, but personally I say to myself, have fun and perform at your best, ignore the rest.

“These stunts are challenging and dangerous. Safety is the number one most important aspect. We also do a range of different stunts for live shows. I once had to do a 16 metre free fall from a roof – it was dangerous, but I enjoyed every moment of it and would do it again and again and again.

Stay up to date with this talented entertainer and follow him on social media at @ianboss_18 or visit his website at for more information.