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Monday / February 24.
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Jesse’s Red Rose taking SA by storm

As a young musician, Jesse Michael is taking South African by storm with his latest song, Red Rose. This final year engineering student at the University of Stellenbosch is on the brink of becoming South Africa’s next big singing sensation.

Chandrey Howburg from talked to Jesse Michael about his career and plans.

Who was your inspiration to start your singing career and when did you first start singing?

“As a young boy, I always looked up to my father who was the lead singer in a band in Germany called “Twelve Drummers Drumming” that was signed by Mercury records and played all over Europe in the early eighties. I have always loved singing but I only started ‘proper singing’ at the University of Stellenbosch where I joined an acapella group.”

As Red Rose is your debut single, why did you choose the name and what makes it so significant?

“Red Rose is a personal song about a recent relationship that has ended. It tells the story about our relationship from beginning to end and it’s a song that I really connect with. This song is the first chapter and there’s a long novel to come.”

Do you have any shows planned and what is the best way to calm yourself before you hit the stage?

As a final year engineering student Jesse’s schedule is extremely busy. He is not able to partake in any shows just yet, but as soon as he has done writing exams by November he will be able to play live shows as much as he can.

I see you are a part of a modelling agency. What is that like?

Jesse is currently with the model agency Fanjam. “I like modelling as it gives you the opportunity to travel.”

What are your future plans with your music and modelling career?

Jesse will be heading to Los Angeles in June 2019 to pursue modelling and music opportunities.

Social media: Twitter: @jessemichaeloff  Instagram: jessemichaelofficial