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Make sure you have the best bricks for your building

Bricks are the building blocks of any structure. If the quality of a brick is not good enough it may lead to a damaged building and an unsuccessful project in the long run. There are various ways to determine the quality of your bricks. This is absolutely essential to do before starting any civil engineering project. These tips and tricks are easy ways to check your brick quality.

Always check the water absorption of your bricks. After soaking a brick in water for 24 hours it should never absorb more than 20 percent of its weight when dry. This can be calculated by weighing the brick before and after soaking it. An even more accurate test can be done when using five bricks and working with the average weight of the bricks.

Often the quality of a brick can also be judged by its appearance. The bricks should be closely inspected for its shape and possible defects. Good quality bricks should all be uniform in size and they should have a good rectangular shape with sharp edges.

Another way to determine the quality of bricks is to test dimensional tolerance. Select a few bricks at random and check the measurement of their length, width and height. Make sure that the variations in the dimensions are within narrow limits. Bricks need to be as similar as possible in size to ensure the successful construction of a building.

A very easy way to test the hardness of a brick is by scratching its surface with your nail. If the scratch leaves no mark, your brick is sufficiently hard and in good condition. Once this has been determined, take two bricks, one in each hand, and strike them against each other lightly. Good quality bricks will not break during this test and you will hear a very clear ringing sound. The last thing you can do to make sure that you have the best quality bricks is to break up your brick and examine the structure. The structure should be homogeneous, compact and free from any holes or lumps.

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