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Sunday / February 16.
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Make use of Hertz’s new promotion and rent a car from R99 per day!

Hertz South Africa has launched their new 99’Bucks promotion which offers clients the chance to rent a car from as little as R99 per day.

Many people around South Africa take advantage of the school holidays in June to go on a well-deserved vacation. Taking an entire family on holiday has become tricky, seeing that the cost of living has been increasing every year.

The effect of inflation is that prices go up, while average salaries tend to stay the same or rise at a much slower rate than that of inflation. As a result, people are stuck with less buying power and consumers end up getting less bang for their buck.

Many consumers are left with having to tighten up their budgets. Expenses like holidays or even short family getaways are seen as luxuries that consumers are forced to abandon in order to make ends meet. Even though it can be argued that going on a vacation, even a short one, is something that is good for people because it gives them time to rest and the chance to spend quality time with family members.

In a bid to counter this, Hertz Rent A Car has decided to travel back in time.

“Hertz South Africa has decided to launch a brand new promotion where clients can rent vehicles at rates from years ago,” said Chanele van Tonder, the company’s marketing executive.

Van Tonder went on to explain that this promotion gives clients the chance to rent a car from as little as R99 a day, making it much more affordable to go on that road trip they have been planning for ages, but just couldn’t afford.

“We decided to call this promotion the 99’Bucks promotion, for obvious reasons, but also because it refers directly to South Africa and the many Springboks that we share the country with,” Van Tonder explained.  

Deals like the 99’Bucks promotion are the hidden gems that lead to affordable holidays. Consumers are advised to make use of this deal as soon as possible, seeing as it only runs for a limited time.

To rent a car with this deal, clients can go to or call Hertz South Africa’s call centre on 0861 600 136. If clients prefer to book through the call centre, they need to mention the 99’Bucks promotion in order to get the discount.

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