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Sunday / February 16.
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New single by Lui Hill explores toxic relationships

Investing heavily in South Africa by collaborating with local artists and providing them with exposure on an international platform (most recently with Khofhi The King on the single, Rusty Strings), as well as making South Africa his second hom after falling in love with the
country and its talent, Berlin artist Lui Hill is back with a brand new single. This song, Revolver, explores the unhealthy state he was trapped in after being involved in a toxic relationship.

Lui explains: “We’re all caught up in our patterns, but we’re not damned to live in them forever. The song is an homage to our ability to overcome certain schemes and grow beyond ourselves. Revolver is also a dialogue between my ego and my ability to love unconditionally,
something that we all carry in ourselves.”

Revolver provides a deep look into who Lui Hill is and the way he views life. He states that all of his songs are deeply connected with what he’s going through in life, both the ups and the downs. He adds: “Although this song is a snapshot of the toxic relationship I was
referring to before, it’s also actually a positive hymn. We should never stop believing that change will come and that we ourselves are the biggest part of making it happen.”

Forever creating something original in true Lui Hill style, this artist reveals that Revolver is actually part of a five-part video series, which explores a fairytale. He explains: “The first five single releases off my album tells the story of The Little Mermaid, but in a modern way as displayed in the videos. Revolver is the third in the series of five releases. This fairytale reflects the subjects of the album: a broken love story, loneliness, hiding from the bad times and moving towards personal freedom. The modern interpretation of the fairytale still shows the story of The Little Mermaid, but in this case instead of a happy ending, she’s drowning and finds her freedom that way.”

A live session of Lui performing Revolver can be viewed at:

Lui Hill’s beloved country, South Africa

Commenting about South Africa and his sentiments about the country, he states: “I’ll always view SA as the place that changed my life. I had so many lucky and inspirational moments here and it seems like it doesn’t stop – the same happens with every visit. Based on all the
gifts that SA has provided me with, I feel like I owe it a lot. I therefore cannot wait to return soon again to collaborate with more local artists, providing them with as much international exposure as possible. Khofhi The King and I are constantly in contact and I definitely can’t wait to add him to the list of artists to work with again as well.”

Lui first headed to South Africa after he was caught in the grip of a lengthy period of misfortune; helpless as a long-term relationship fell apart, crippled by the disappointment after a record deal had swiftly turned sour, and the unexpected passing of his father, who Lui
was very close to.

It was while Hill was in Cape Town that he first met Tobias Herder of Filter Music Group, who had flown to the Mother City to sign another act. Tobias instead returned to Berlin with Lui’s signature, whereafter things started to fall in place for him finally.

But that was not the only pre-destined chance meeting that the universe had planned for Lui. While walking through the Company’s Gardens, he heard a magnificent artist that blew him away, which he would later learn would in fact be SA’s very own Khofhi The King of Gugulethu.

He returned to Cape Town a year later for another visit. “While I was back, I naturally ended up at the V&A Waterfront at some stage. And low and behold, I once again heard the incredible musician that I heard the year before. I knew I just had to meet him this time. I
introduced myself to Khofhi, we started talking, which led to a collaboration that would change both our lives forever. Together, we wrote and recorded the song, Rusty Strings which was released internationally and as part of my commitment to South Africa, I made sure that Khofhi will receive a 50% share of all royalties, as I’ll do with all artists I collaborate with from this magnificent country,” Lui regales.

Getting to know Lui Hill a bit more:

Lui (39), born and raised in Darmstadt in Germany, says that he is an art lover in general as he “admires people and their ability to express themselves without words – no matter if it’s through painting, dancing or writing music”. Describing himself, Lui says that he would not label himself as shy, but he is a quiet guy who only speaks when it is necessary.

“My philosophy in life is to stick to your dreams and remain a dreamer. You can only be successful in doing something you love and feel passionate about,” he adds.

He says that home for him now is where people respect him for who he is and he has the freedom to be himself. Which is exactly what he experiences in South Africa.

Lui concludes: “I think my fascination with SA has a lot to do with the people living here. I immediately felt at home because of everyone’s welcoming and heartwarming attitude. I love the fact that so many nationalities and cultures are gathered here. Thanks for your incredible gifts, South Africa!”

Lui Hill’s music is available on all popular digital platforms, including Google Play and iTunes.