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Sunday / December 8.
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Ryan Reddy releases single, No Games, off the album Visions

Musicians find inspiration for their songs from a variety of sources that are likely to have an impact on them personally, but what motivation could possibly be purer than that of a father who records an album out of love for his daughter, filled with material that will serve her like a book of life lessons that she can always turn to.

Well, that is exactly what Ryan Reddy (34) did after his daughter, Aurelia, was born late September last year, with the album called Visions now available and of which he just released the single, No Games featuring Timmy.

Reddy explains: “After Aurelia’s birth, I had the thought that one day when I tell her to pursue her dreams, I don’t want her to turn around and say ‘but you didn’t follow yours’. That’s where it all started and it ended up being a variety of messages to her that I believe will be timeless, no matter what her age.”

He further adds that this led to a collaboration with a variety of songwriters, producers and artists, which gives each song a very unique take on life. “I truly believe, with its universal themes, that many will be able to relate to the songs and the album as a whole.”

No Games now ready to inspire you

Commenting on the single released off Visions, the song called No Games, Reddy says: “The album is rather heavy and deep. So, I wanted to a song that was more light, but still kept the mood up and still expressed to everyone that I’m serious.”

He says that he collaborated with Timmy on the song after one of the producers, Gëkkø, told him about Timmy. “He wrote the chorus initially for one of the other songs and I really liked it. So I sent him the concept of No Games and he wrote the song in a few hours. I absolutely loved it.”

According to Reddy, the song is based around the idea that “anything is possible once you’re determined enough to put the effort and work in, in order to achieve it”.

No Games can be enjoyed on YouTube at:

He describes his style of music as Pop and Hip Hop, which he says is “music that is meant to make you feel”.

Getting to know Ryan Reddy

Born and raised in Durban, Ryan now currently lives in Singapore with his wife and newborn, where he works as a lawyer at an in-house shipping company.

He describes himself as “ambitious, focused, energetic and family-oriented”.

So now that Ryan has completed the album for his daughter, can we expect more music from him in the future? He replies: “Yes definitely! One of the areas I would like to also branch into is scoring movies. So this is definitely just the start for me.”

No Games and the album, Visions is now available on all major digital platforms, including Google Play and iTunes.

To connect with Reddy on social media, join the conversation on Instagram (@RyanReddy1) and Twitter (@RyanReddy).