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Monday / June 1.
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SA’s Jarryd Nurden now an international sensation

SA’s very own international actor and performer, Jarryd Nurden, currently mesmerising people all over the world in “Chicago – The Musical”. As a singer, dancer, actor and model, he has been steadily making his mark in the entertainment world.

Jeanne-Mari Van Eeden from had the chance to speak to him about his life on tour and more.

Tell me more about what you are currently up to?

“I’m currently on the World Tour of Chicago – The Musical in Europe.”

You have been in countless musicals. Do you have a favourite?

“That’s such a hard one as I have been in most of my favorite shows. CATS and Priscilla would definitely be on top!”

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment yet?

“Auditioning for Priscilla through a casting agency in New York City and booking the lead role of Felicia.”

How would you sum up your experience as Felicia in Priscilla?

“It was life changing. I grew into my adult self from boy to man. I found my voice , I found my power again that I had lost because I wasn’t listening to the intuition in myself but rather that of a society around me. Felicia taught me to own my femininity as well as my masculinity. We have both for a reason and it’s up to us to use it whenever we want.”

What do you enjoy most and least during your current world tour?

“I love the adventure of seeing new places and having the time to reflect on my life and what needs to grow and shift. What I least enjoy is PACKING! Haha, I hate that part!”

You are also a model with an amazing body. How do you keep in shape with you busy schedule?

“Diet! And drinking lots of water and exercise of course. I have an amazing personal trainer at B-FITT , Byron, who pushes me to my goals!”

What advice would you give your younger self?

“Be courageous and trust yourself! Even if you feel crazy by being the only one in the room who feels a certain way – TRUST that you feel that way for a reason! You can do this!”

What do you do in your down time?

“I like to meditate and speak to my man, Leon Breedt, and probably eat somewhere beautiful.”

What is your motto?

“Be true to yourself!”