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Tuesday / April 7.
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Scholars dressed for success on tour with Hinterland Afrikaskop sponsorship

Soba Primary Farm School recently embarked on a two day educational visit to Durban  and they looked very smart thanks to Hinterland Afrikaskop who equipped the learners with T-shirts, caps, backpacks, pens, bubbles, and keyrings.

The cost per learner for this tour was about R1 600 and only 32 of the school’s 165 learners were able to raise sufficient funds.

Mrs. Mollo, principal of Soba Primary Farm School, approached Hinterland Afrikaskop for a donation and according to Mrs. Hatting, assistant branch manager at Hinterland Afrikaskop, the school has already caught her attention during her first visit to Afrikaskop.

“The sandstone school with its blue roofs and cheerful kids playing outside caught my attention and I immediately started inquiring about Soba Primary Farm School. Staff from Afrikaskop provided me with the necessary information and also explained that the school struggles to meet essential needs of scholars. Before I knew it, the principal was standing in my office asking if I could help with their educational visit to Durban,” she explained.

Learners from the school regularly visit the store to buy soft drinks and Hinterland has started handing them lollipops.

Hinterland agreed to assist the school and in the process also redesigned the school’s badge as the quality of the previous school badge was too poor to place on the shirts. Furthermore, Hinterland also donated 25 kg of flour for breakfast.

Hinterland Afrikaskop then also entered into an agreement with Pride Milling to provide flour to the school each month.

“Hinterland helps tremendously with things like gas, fuel and maintenance equipment as it is a one stop shop. We are truly blessed as a school to have a relationship like this with the store. They are always there for us, especially in times of need, and we are proud to be associated with Hinterland Afrikaskop,” said Mrs. Mollo.

According to her, the learners were delighted to see the ocean and play in the water.

“One of our learners, Palesa Mosia, told me that it was her first time at the ocean and one of the most beautiful experiences she has ever had. Not only did she enjoy touring outside her hometown, but also the experience of being in a big city by the sea and their visit to ‘Fun World’,” added Mrs. Mollo.

Mrs. Hatting says it was an absolute privilege for them to make a contribution to the school’s visit to Durban.

“The children of Afrikaskop are our future customers and we believe that by supporting their sea experience they will always remember Hinterland Afrikaskop. Even though we are a very small branch, our team wants to make a difference to every customer who walks in here,” she said.

The Soba Primary Farm School is located on a small farm called Afrikaskop and was founded in 1975. The school consists of a principal, 5 teachers, 1 general worker, 2 ladies who help prepare the learners’ food and 165 learners. The number of learners increases by about 20 learners each year. The school uses the CAPS curriculum and their language of instruction is English and SeSotho.

The school caters for learners from different farms located between Warden, Bethlehem, Kestell and Afrikaskop. According to the Department of Education, the school is classified under section 20, which means that the school receives no funds from the department for their day-to-day operations. The school has to survive on donations as a result of this.

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