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Thursday / November 21.
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Self-drive holidays to Namibia

South Africans who are looking to travel to Namibia should seriously consider making their trip self-drive adventures. Regular visitors and locals in Namibia alike agree that self-drive journeys to Namibia are the most feasible kinds of trips for longer stays. This form of travel is something that avid South African campers and independent travel enthusiast will particularly enjoy. 

The joy of driving in Namibia is heightened by the lonely desert roads and grand, sweeping landscapes. Added to that, the high concentrations of game confirm Namibia’s position as one of the continent’s premier wildlife destinations. Good infrastructure and safe driving conditions make Namibia one of the few places in Africa where self-driving is a viable option and thanks to the dramatic scenery, rare wildlife such as desert-adapted elephant and unique desert experiences, it’s a road trip to relish.

Self-drive holidays entails that you drives oneself around in a new destination. Thus, you do not rely on tour groups, public transport or chartered travel services to get around. The practical advantages of these self-drive trips are numerous. They give travellers the chance to explore their destinations at their own pace, offer more comfort for families or groups travelling together and it is often a lot cheaper to arrange self-drive trips than booking experiences with tour groups that include all travel.

Those heading to Namibia will find self-drive getaways to this country even more advantageous! The country is famous for its unique environment and rugged terrain. Boasting several sand dunes, like the infamous Dune 7, Namibia is any 4×4 enthusiast’s dream. Conquering any of the dunes in Namibia not only gives one excellent views of the vast desert, but is also bound to be a story that travellers will share with their loved ones over and over again!

Namibia is, of course, also known for its wildlife parks. Namib-Naukluft National Park is a national park that self-drive travellers simply have to visit. It is set in the oldest desert in the world. It can take up to six hours to drive through this park. Regular visitors agree that driving through this park at your own pace gives you the chance to take your time and simply soak up the grandeur of it all.

Another famous park to visit is the Etosha National Park, one of Africa’s greatest wildlife destinations. The park is home to the world’s largest population of black rhino and in total host to 114 different species from elephant, lion and giraffe to cheetah and wildebeest, as well as 340 bird species. Gathering around one of the many waterholes in the park for a couple of minutes will ensure travellers get the chance to see rare wildlife in their natural habitat. 

There are, of course, other interesting and must-see destinations in Namibia. One such destination is Swakopmund, a picturesque colonial town sandwiched between the dunes and the Atlantic coast. This town offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in true Namibian culture. There are loads of things to do in town, like paddling to a nearby seal colony! 

No trip to Namibia will be complete without a visit to the country’s capital, Windhoek. The city is clean, well structured and has a diverse range of cultural attractions, architecture and entertainment. There are lots of museums to visit to learn all about the heritage of Namibia.

South African travellers should also consider travelling to Namibia by car.

“Getting a car from any of our branches in South Africa is effortless. Travellers can take the N7 all the way to the border and cross into Namibia. At Hertz, we allow selected vehicles groups to cross the border and our experienced team can help travellers with all the administration to ensure a smooth border crossing,” said Chanele van Tonder, Hertz South Africa’s Marketing Executive.

Van Tonder went on to explain that they offer well-equipped 4×4 vehicles to renters who want to take on the tough Namibian terrain. These vehicles make it easier for travellers looking to go on proper 4×4 excursions in the rugged country. Travellers are urged to have a look at Hertz South Africa’s website for more information on their fleet or to make bookings:

Hertz currently has a range of promotions on offer, giving renters the chance to rent vehicles at a fraction of the cost. Seeing as it is school holidays for South African learners, travellers should seriously consider making Namibia their holiday destination.

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