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Thursday / January 23.
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Singer/ Songwriter, actor and model Julian Hurley ain’t gonna wait no more to make his mark in the music industry.


Having already proved his acting chops as one of the leads on the hit kykNET show, danZ!, heartthrob and model Julian Hurley (25) is now determined to make his mark on the music scene with the release of his debut radio single and EP with the same title, Wait No More.

Despite his dashing good looks, do not believe for a second that Julian is a studio-manufactured pop star as he has worked hard at his craft since the age of 13. “For my then birthday I begged for a guitar. I had this urge to want to learn and play. It’s all I could think about at the time. I invested all my time and energy into it to continuously improve, which I still do to this day. Eventually I caught the attention of Nash Records and I was the first artist to be signed to their label, which changed everything,” he says.

Enthusing about Wait No More, Julian states: “It’s inspired by finally getting the chance to follow your dream. The song is about not waiting around for your dreams to come true, but to chase them every day. It’s about taking risks; if we fall into a daily routine it’s very easy to forget about our dreams. We should all see each new day as an opportunity to take control of our lives.”

The lyrics to the song were penned by Julian himself, based on his personal experience and the deep passion burning inside of him. “This fire inside of me inspired me to take the biggest risks and to  be willing to lose everything in order to achieve this dream. The song tells my story about doing this,” he adds.

Wait No More therefore set the tone for Julian’s EP, hence the title with the same name. “It’s the beginning of my journey and I’m not going to wait any longer. I want others to feel as motivated and inspired as I do when I listen to the song,” the talent reveals.

From model to actor and now musician

Julian says that he inherited his musical gifts from his grandfather who “was insanely talented musically” and who was part of a very well-known band in Cape Town years back. “His love for music was passed on to my uncle, skipped my mom, and was then passed onto me. Like him, there’s just this fire inside me to express myself through music,” says.

Prior to becoming a full time musician (who still models on the side), Julian worked in the entertainment industry for four years. “I couldn’t believe it when I landed a lead role on danZ!; it was just so unexpected. I auditioned like everyone else, but the director really saw something in me and was determined that I play the character, Titus, although I had no real acting experience. He went the extra mile to make sure I was ready, even getting me my own acting and dialogue coach. 

“Acting for the first time was amazing! There wasn’t a single thing that I didn’t enjoy about it. I loved getting the chance to be someone else, especially since my character was completely different to who I am. He was a bully and incredibly cold-hearted due to issues with his own father, which I can fortunately say is nothing like me,” he reminisces.

Durban, the Mother City and becoming part of extended families in between

Julian was born (28 September 1993) in Durban where he lived until his parents divorced. He then moved to the Mother City with his mom (an operations manager for a giant in the hygiene industry, servicing hospitals), while visiting his dad (a cross-boarder road transport agent and entrepreneur) during the school holidays. After both his parents remarried, Julian enjoyed becoming part of an extended family with a brother and sister in Cape Town and three sisters in Durban.

Julian let go of his studies and aspirations after matriculating in order to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. “In the beginning it was very difficult for my parents to accept and it was a tough pill to swallow. However, this didn’t change my mind one bit. I wanted to take the biggest risk of all in order to say that at least I tried chasing after my dreams,” he shares. “Giving up everything was definitely the biggest obstacle I had to face up to now. I had so much to lose and you can bet I lost it. Nothing in life comes easy, but by staying focused and by believing in yourself, you can overcome anything!”

Currently, Julian calls Fish Hoek in Cape Town home, but his future plans include moving closer to town.

And fans will be delighted to hear that the gentleman with the irresistible smile is single, claiming that “I stay more focused on my career that way”.

So what makes Julian Hurley tick?

Julian describes himself as being stubborn in a positive way as he knows what he wants. “I also have an incredible amount of energy, I love entertaining and making those around me happy. I believe I have a good aura and make people feel very comfortable around me,” he states, adding: “One thing I hear just almost every time someone meets me is ‘I didn’t expect you to be like this’ in a positive way. I’m very down to earth and fun loving with a great sense of humour.”

Following through with whatever he puts his mind to, one of Julian’s favourite quotes are: “Success if not final; failure is not fatal – it’s the courage to continue that counts”, as well as “If you fail, that’s where you start learning”.

Some fun facts about Julian include:

  • He is a water baby “‘The ocean, big pools, rivers, dams…anything to do with water and water sports and I’m at my happiest”);
  • His favourite food is pizza;
  • His role model is actor Jason Momoa (“This is due to the genuine person he is. His views about life and his commitment to his career without losing who he truly is, is so admirable”);
  • He prefers dogs over cats, although all in all he is an animal lover for life;
  • His guilty pleasure is chocolate;
  • He is addicted to coffee;
  • He is a self-proclaimed tech nerd;
  • One of his hobbies is to make videos and in his free time he runs a YouTube channel called It’s Doop (“I love trying new things and going on adventures – anything that gets the adrenaline running thrills me, from silly challenges to pranks”).

How to get even more of Julian!

Julian says that he is very active on Instagram and if fans want to see what he is up to, they can follow him at @JulianHurleyOfficial. Fans can also join the conversation on Facebook (Julian Hurley), Twitter (@OnlyHurley) and SnapChat (Julian_Hurley). To keep up with Julian’s adventures, search for him on YouTube (It’s Doop and Julian Hurley).

Julian’s music is now available worldwide on all popular digital platforms.

He concludes: “My dream is to become a recognised musical artist here in South Africa and then on the international music scene. I’m also determined to set a new standard in the music industry. And nothing will stop me until I’ve tried everything!”

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