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Thursday / June 4.
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Sunset Sweatshop’s Victor Green releases solo single, Holy Man

One of the first things that the popular band’s, Sunset Sweatshop, drummer will tell you after you hear his first solo single, Holy Man, is that he is not anti-religious. Since releasing the catchy cannot-get-it-out-of-my-mind anthem, Victor Green (24), has been getting a lot of questions about what the message of Holy Man is all about.“Am I anti-religious? Not at all. The verses of the song talks about a girl I once knew and how things would have been better if we just stayed friends. Although the bridge states ‘I don’t believe in God, but I believe I wanna believe’, this should not be taken literally. In short, it states that no one can force religion, or anything else for that matter, onto someone else. Even the chorus is a bit contradicting – it says I’m a holy man, but still living my life. So to everyone who wondered, here is the answer. The song is basically about people who are hypocritical; telling you what to do and how to do things, but they themselves can’t even live the way or up to the standards they want to force on to you,” explains Green.

Holy Man was written by Green himself apart from the rap part which was penned by Kyle Leach (KillerGram).

Is this the end of Sunset Sweatshop?

Another question that usually follows is whether Sunset Sweatshop is breaking up as a band now that Green is releasing solo material, or whether he is leaving the band. He replies: “Not at all. Sunset Sweatshop is on a high and not coming down soon. We’ve been playing some of the most popular festivals and our songs are playlisted on some of the biggest radio stations in the country, so we’re getting non-stop gig requests. So we won’t be stopping anytime soon.”

And what is the band’s reaction to Green releasing a solo single? “The band is actually very excited for me. I think people may believe that they would have an issue with it, but the music is so different from Sunset Sweatshop that it’s very unlikely that there will be any conflict of interest. We actually all have our separate stuff going on – whether it’s music or work related. If it doesn’t affect the band, the guys are happy,” he responds.

Will we be hearing more of Victor Green (solo)?

Although Holy Man is a stand-alone single (not off an EP or album), Green is very enthusiastic about future solo releases. “I’ll probably be releasing a song next I just wrote which everyone is going to say is just the opposite of Holy Man. But that’s a good thing – it displays my versatility as an artist…and of course my open-mindedness,” he says.

Green is also currently in the process or organising a music video for Holy Man, but states “it will take some time as we’re so incredibly busy with Sunset Sweatshop”.

So who is Victor Green?

Green describes himself as a “very easy-going, mellow musician” with a philosophy of “do unto others as you want done to yourself”.

But it is probably best for fans to get to know Green themselves by following him on social media: Facebook (Victor Green Music) and Instagram (@VictorGreenMusic). “I really appreciate all the love and support. Feel free to get in touch – I’m always up for a chat, even after a show,” he states.

Holy Man is available on all popular digital platforms, including iTunes and Google Play.

Green concludes: “For now I just take it day by day. I’m obviously planning on releasing more music this year and getting my name out there. I’m naturally as dedicated to continue to build Sunset Sweatshop’s brand. As I’m so busy with so many different things, it’s difficult for me to get stuck on just one thing. I like to keep busy. The busier I am, the happier I am.”