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Tuesday / January 28.
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The Clanwilliam Wildflower Show – a highlight of the flower season

This year’s Clanwilliam Wildflower Show promises to be an unforgettable event and a highlight of this year’s flower season. With the intermittent rains this area enjoyed, this will be an extraordinary show. The Wildflower show takes place from the 23rd of August to 1st of September in the Clanwilliam Flower Church. During this time the Clanwilliam Wildflower Show committee will showcase some of the most beautiful, rare and interesting flower species of the Cederberg region in the church of flowers. The Clanwilliam Flower church is annually transformed into a unique landscape with hundreds of different flower and plant species from the region.

The committee members recently started constructing the flower display. A number of wooden crates forms the base of this spectacular exhibition and will transform to the mountain range of the show. The final display will amaze visitors. The hard work of the committee members is undeniable once you witness the transformation of this space which happens in only a few weeks.

“Come and join us at this spectacular show that nature has given us,” says Sue Bergh, a committee member.

“We are really optimistic for a great flower season. We’ve had intermittent rains and just recently a good soaking rain and all the plantlife have responded. We invite you all to come and see the beautiful display of flowers in the veld and in the show and experience the wonderful hospitality that Clanwilliam has to offer,” she said.

With the flower season drawing closer the committee members are preparing the Flower Church for the thousands of visitors that will be gathering from all over to admire the result of their hard work. This year’s theme is Harmony. The theme is made up of three different pillars – realise, realign and reapply. 

The public needs to realise what is happening in nature, after which they need to realign their actions accordingly ultimately reapplying the way we do things in order to create sustainability and ensure that we leave something for generations to come. These are the fundamentals of the Clanwilliam Wildflower Show.

It is basically impossible to view the vast array of unique and beautiful flowers of the Cederberg region without going to great lengths. The main aim of the show is to make sure that flower fans can see virtually every wildflower species in one room. The Wildflower Show also gives everyone the opportunity to view and delight in rare and endangered plants seldom seen in the field.

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