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Thursday / June 4.
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The Joetsie Group impresses again with Graafwater reservoir

A brand new Graafwater reservoir was completed in an impressive time of only one year by the Joetsie Group, a civil engineering company situated on the West Coast with branches in Lutzville, Vredendal and Springbok.

The Joetsie Group is a family business that caters to all your needs – from transport and civil engineering projects to producing a variety of concrete products. They strive to provide services with respect and incorporates teamwork into all aspects of their business and operations which contributes to ongoing innovation and progress.

On the 10th of May Joetsie completed their project of building a reservoir in the small town of Graafwater. This project took only a year to complete as word commenced on the 11th of June 2018. This is yet another example of the impressive construction services that the Joetsie Group have to offer.

The initial project was to construct a 1,5 ML reservoir, but as the project developed, additional work had to be attended to. Some repair work had to be done to the already existing 1,5 ML reservoir, like opening up old cracks and resealing them. This repair work took around 2 months to be completed.

The Joetsie Group created jobs for several local workers during this project. They created jobs for more or less 14 individuals from the Graafwater area as artisans and labourers. The project was managed by Joetsie’s qualified and experienced project manager, Frikkie de Bod, and site agent, Johan Mostert.

The first steps in initiating this project was excavating soil for the reservoir. Excavation of 6 800 ㎥ soil was done, of which 2 000 ㎥ was rock. This task was done with ease because of the expertise and experience of the operators and project management team. Thereafter more or less 360 ㎥ concrete was cast and 50 tonnes of steel was used for the reservoir.

Initially the walls of the reservoir would have been casted in two pours, but Joetsie decided to do it all at once. The walls were cast 4,5 m high, from the kicker to the deck. Joetsie decided to outsource a concrete pump. All concrete – foundation, floors and footing – were cast with Joetsie’s Reimer, except the walls and the deck that were cast with the help of the concrete pump. It took the project operators 6 hours to cast the concrete from the kicker to the deck. The work that was done around the reservoir included the building of a retaining wall as well as laying interlock pavers in the 1,2 m radius area surrounding the reservoir.

The Joetsie Group believe in effective planning and is always one step ahead. This reservoir is now completed and ready for water storage. The Graafwater community will have access to a considerable amount of fresh water if a drought threatens their water supply again. The Joetsie Group is proud of providing the best possible services and products and giving back to the community. They are always striving to improve in all their divisions – transport services, building, mining and earthmoving as well as their civil engineering services.

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