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Sunday / February 16.
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TV: Oshri is about to “rub you the right way”

SA’s very own international singing sensation, Oshri, is about to “rub you the right way” as he releases his unique take on Christina Aguilera’s monster 90’s hit, Genie in a Bottle. By adding his Middle Eastern signature vibe he will delight new and current fans. The music video of this single was shot in Israel by the incredibly talented and top fashion photographer, Zohar Shitrit.

“Together we wanted to capture a man who has everything and a full life; everything but the most important ingredient – that special lady in his life. Being locked up in this big, beautiful house is pretty much a metaphor and synonym for the lamp that the genie is locked in. And he’s just waiting for the right one to come along and release him,” Oshri said.